Медаль и премия Дадделла

Медаль и премия Денеша Габора (англ. Gabor medal and prize), ранее известная как Медаль и премия Дадделла (англ. Duddell medal and prize) — международная награда в области прикладной физики, присуждающаяся Институтом Физики.

Медаль и премия Дадделла учреждена Институтом Физики в 1923 году в честь Уильяма Дадделла. В 2008 году переименована и стала называться Медаль и премия Денеша Габора. Медаль Даддела была бронзовой, медаль Габора — серебряная. И к медали Даддела, и к медали Габора прилагалась и прилагается денежная премия в размере 1000 фунтов стерлингов, а также сертификат. Лауреат может быть приглашён дать лекцию в Институте Физики. Среди награждённых 11 лауреатов Нобелевской премии.



  1. Обоснование награды: For their development of ‘radiation hard’ analogue electronics for silicon detectors enabling their use as a means of precision detection and measurement of charged particle production at the Large Hadron Collider
  2. Обоснование награды: For his work on the application of ultrasound to medicine
  3. Обоснование награды: For pioneering new techniques and instrumentation that have transformed high-pressure structural science
  4. Обоснование награды: For her successful establishment of a world-leading company that authenticates ceramics for the art world
  5. Обоснование награды: For her pioneering development of atomic – resolution environmental transmission electron microscopy and its application to instrument manufacture and industrial processing
  6. Обоснование награды: For his research on and practical realisation of microwave photonic devices leading to their commercial exploitation in wireless and optical communication systems
  7. Обоснование награды: For his research on, and practical realisation of, metrologies and technologies that contribute direct improvement to industrial performance and for his contribution to the understanding of the fundamental science behind engineering processes
  8. Обоснование награды: For his vision and leadership in applied photonics, including pioneering contributions to optically pumped semiconductor lasers, diamond photonics and gallium nitride optical microsystems, and for fostering the international development and commercialisation of these technologies
  9. Обоснование награды: For his pioneering research into material-specific, 3D X-ray imaging and its application in security screening, which has substantially increased the security of the travelling public
  10. Обоснование награды: For his role in founding M Squared Innovation, forming global partnerships, commercialising cutting-edge science in quantum, biophotonics and sensing – and helping to establish new companies to develop products for societal benefit