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== Примечания ==
* {{citeстатья journal |last1=Hughes |first1=Donald L |last2=Holztman |first2=Jon K |last3=Johnson |first3=Harold J|year=|titleзаглавие=Flight-Determined Characteristics of an Air Intake System of an F-111A Airplane |journalиздание=Technical Note|volume=D–6679 |issueтом=D—6679 |pages= |publisherиздательство=[[NASAНАСА|National Aeronautics and Space Administration]] |doi= |urlссылка=http://www.nasa.gov/centers/dryden/pdf/87801main_H-661.pdf |accessdateязык=en |тип=journal |автор=Hughes, Donald L; Holztman, Jon K; Johnson, Harold J.}}
* {{cite book |last=Hünecke |first=Klaus |authorlink= |title=Jet Engines |url= |accessdate=15 February 2013 |year=1997|publisher=Airlife|location=England |isbn=1853108340 |pages=76–79|quote=... the thickening of the boundary layer that develops at high angles-of-attack along the lower side of the fuselage forebody [in the F-16]. In order to prevent low-energy flow from entering the engine, the intake had to be offset from the fuselage to free it from the boundary layer, which uninterruptedly passes along the fuselage. The intake cowl [of the F-16] features a moderately blunt lower lip that transitions into a sharp leading-edge extension or '''''splitter plate''''' on the upper side (close to the fuselage).}}
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