Superstroke: различия между версиями

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'''Superstroke''' (''«суперштрих»'', ''«супермазок»'') — направление в [[Современное искусство|современном]] [[Южная Африка|южноафриканском]] художественном искусстве. Одним из основателей этого направления считается художник [[Бо, Конрад|Конрад Бо]] (''Michiel Conrad Botha'').
== Описание ==
''Superstroke'' является одним из влиятельных художественных течений [[Южная Африка|южноафриканского]] [[модернизм]]а и [[Абстракционизм|абстракцииабстракционизма]]. Слово ''Superstroke'' подразумевает супер выразительные движения кистью. Это направление возникло под влиянием направления [[Superflat]] («суперплоскость»), придуманного современным японским художником [[Мураками, Такаси|Такаси Мураками]].
''Superstroke'' не получило широкого распространения. За пределами Южной Африки оно известно лишь в нескольких соседних странах.
== См. также ==
[[Категория:Изобразительное искусство XXI века]]
'''Superstroke''' is a term used for a contemporary art movement with its origins in [[South Africa]]. Superstroke is one of the influential art movements regarding African modernism and abstraction. The word "Superstroke" implies the super expressive brush stroke. The Superstroke art movement was initially founded as a reaction to the impact that the [[Superflat]] art movement, founded by [[Takashi Murakami]] had on modern contemporary art.
The manifesto for the Superstroke art movement was written in 2008 by the South African artist [[Conrad Bo]] and deals with various forms of how paintings in the movement should be executed. This includes the statement that paintings should be created by using very expressive brush strokes.
The manifesto also deals with photography and states that expressionism is more important than photo-realism. Then the manifesto states that abstract and figurative art is allowed in Superstroke. It goes further and states that certain subject matters are encouraged, and also makes mention of an [[Africa|African]] theme. Finally the manifesto states that the concept of "art for the sake of art" does not apply, and that members of the movement must produce paintings with texture, and excessive brush or pencil strokes.