Тернер, Сирил: различия между версиями

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'''Сирил Тернер''' (англ. Cyril Tourneur; 1575—1626) — английский драматург. Автор пьес «Трагедии мстителя» (1607—1611?, труппа «Слуги короля»), которую также приписывают Томасу Миддлтону, и «Трагедии атеиста, или Месть честного человека» (ок. 1607—1611, там же). Пьесы Тернера относят к жанру «кровавой трагедии» начала XVII в.
== Сочинения ==
* The Atheists Tragedie; or, The Honest Mans Revenge (1611)
* A Funeralt Poeme Upon the Death of the Most Worthie and True Soldier, Sir [[Вир, Френсис|Francis Vere]], Knight.. (1609)
* A Griefe on the Death of Prince Henrie, Expressed in a Broken Elegie …, printed with two other poems by John Webster and Thomas Haywood as Three Elegies on the most lamented Death of Prince Henry (1613)
* The Revengers Tragaedie (1607 and 1608)
* The Transformed Metamorphosis (1600), an obscure satire
* The Nobleman, a lost play entered on the Stationers Register (Feb. 15, 1612) as «A Tragecomedye called The Nobleman written by Cyrill Tourneur», the MS. of which was destroyed by John Warburton’s cook
* Arraignment of London (1613), stated in a letter of that date from Robert Daborne to Philip Henslowe that Daborne had commissioned Cyril Tourneur to write one act of this play
* The Character of Robert, earl of Salisburye, Lord High Treasurer of England, «ritten by Mr Sevill Tumour» may be reasonably assigned to Tourneur; it was found in an MS in possession of Lord Mostyn (Hist. MSS. Commission, 4th Report, appendix, p. 361)
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