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| {{USA}}
| {{oq||in recognition of outstanding seminal achievements and contributions to advancement of knowledge on fundamental properties of materials and their interaction with light in areas of biology, condensed matter, semiconductors, tunable lasers, and biomedical optics.}}
! 2020
| [[Келлер, Урсула|Урсула Келлер]]
| {{CHE}}
| {{oq||in recognition of career long pioneering contributions in ultrafast science and technology, including the development of practical ultrashort pulse lasers, the study of fundamental mechanisms and limits to modelocking and optical pulse formation, the invention of techniques for frequency comb generation and stabilization, and groundbreaking studies of the physics of light matter interactions on attosecond timescales.}}
! 2021
| Hugo Thienpont
| {{BEL}}
| {{oq||in recognition of his profound and durable impact on society and his pioneering vision for photonics. The different disruptive instruments developed and implemented during the past decades have generated a tangible impact on education, research, innovation and societal well-being in Flanders, Europe, and beyond.}}