Обсуждение:Смирнова, Мария Васильевна: различия между версиями

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Нет описания правки
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Нет описания правки
Я не знала что есть свободное. Свою фотку я несколько дней назад выставила на кбу. Его удалите и меня больше не трогайте. [[У:Флаттершай|<span style="color: green;">Флаттершай</span>]] — [[ОУ:Флаттершай|говор]] 14:29, 21 января 2022 (UTC)
:I would like to point out that I did not upload the first part of the fair-use photo of here of Smirnova. See the file history. I have simply added information about the publication time of the photo (from Raisa Aronova's book) and uploaded slightly better quality versions of the same image (the first version, uploaded by Zybr18, was very grainy with poor contrast). I do not claim it as "my" photo. Later on, I discovered an existing photo of Smirnova was public domain, being published in Журнал «Работница» №2-3, 1945 год, so I uploaded that image to Commons. Earlier, I was afraid to add the image of Smirnova cropped from the group photo of her with Bershanskaya and Gelman since there have been efforts to delete photos with mil.ru creative commons tags (even though their legitimacy as free photos is beyond a reasonable doubt, being Russian government photos published on a Russian government website with a free Creative Commons licence release). But either way, there is no reason to use the postwar photo of Smirnova taken by Nikolai Akimov and still owned by TASS when there are alternatives available that are less copyrighted and can serve the purpose of providing visual identification better.--[[У:PlanespotterA320|PlanespotterA320]] ([[ОУ:PlanespotterA320|обс.]]) 15:44, 21 января 2022 (UTC)