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(→‎Изображения: + пока не нужно.)
=== Изображения ===
# Before placing an image in the template, ensure that its copyright is well-documented and that it is legal for it to be displayed on the Wikipedia. '''Avoid using fair use images.''' Instead, find a related free image (PD, GFDL, CC etc.) as an alternative.
# Before updating [[Template:In the news]] with a new image, protect that image and add {{tl|Mprotected}} to the image’s description page. If you have uploaded a temporary copy from Commons, use {{tl|C-uploaded}} or {{tl|M-cropped}}, '''making sure''' you also copy the author attribution and the licence tag). Administrators who are also administrators on Commons may protect images there, tagging them with [[:commons:Template:En main page]]. See [[:commons:User:Zzyzx11/En main page]] for relevant info. (Commons protection will prevent local uploads.)
# When using images, parenthetically note in italicized text that the mentioned item is pictured. Example: «…leader '''[[José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero]]''' ''(pictured right)'' is sworn in…»
# Unprotect the old image that is being removed, or speedy delete it if it has been temporarily uploaded. When deleting, don’t forget to immediately check the [[Wikipedia:Viewing and restoring deleted pages by sysops|deleted history]] of its image description page and restore any relevant Wikipedia-specific edits, category links, and tags (such as {{tl|FeaturedPicture}}) that were on there beforehand.
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