Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me: различия между версиями

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'''Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me''' седьмой студийный [[Музыкальный альбом|альбом]] британской команды [[The Cure]]. Релиз состоялся в 1987, пластинка позволила группе ворваться на американский рынок, это первый альбом, вошедший в [[Billboard 200|Billboard Top 40]]. <ref></ref>
==История создания==
It was originally a double album, and was also released on a single CD. One track, "Hey You!", had to be removed from the original CD release, due to time restrictions on the CD format at the time (approximately 74 minutes).
This is the last album supposedly featuring founding member [[Lol Tolhurst]] in some small capacity. Robert Smith has stated that he wrote the song "Shiver and Shake" about Lol's diminishing role in the band.[] Even though Lol is credited for playing other instruments on the next album, ''[[Disintegration]]'', it has been officially stated that he did not contribute anything whatsoever. This is also the last studio album band member Porl Thompson played keyboards on; he plays guitar only on all subsequent studio releases. Special guest Andrew Brennan plays the saxophone on "Hey You!" and "Icing Sugar."
Kiss Me continuesпродолжает toдержать dominateпланку theодного bandsиз liveосновных setальбомов, theсоставляющих их концертную программу, турне ''2008 "[[4Tour]]" included'' performancesвключало ofисполнение "The Kiss", "Torture", "Catch", "Why Can't I Be You?", "How Beautiful You Are", "Just Like Heaven", "Hot Hot Hot!!!", "If Only Tonight We Could Sleep", andи "Shiver and Shake" at various shows.
"Hey You!" в последний раз исполнялась в 2004 на благотворительном концерте.
"Hey You!" was last performed in 2004 at a charity show.
"Like Cockatoos" wasв lastпоследний performedраз onисполнялась theв 2004 [[во время ''Curiosa]] Tour''
"The Snakepit" wasв lastпоследний performedраз onисполнялась theв 2000 во время ''Dream Tour''.
"The Perfect Girl" wasв lastпоследний playedраз onисполнялась theв 1989 во время ''Prayer Tour''.
"Fight", "A Thousand Hours", "One More Time", andи "All I Want" haveне notисполнялись beenсо played since theвремен ''1987 Kissing Tour''.
"Icing Sugar" одна из песен, исполнение которых вживую очень сложно из-за технических ограничений, поэтому на концертах её никогда не играли.
"Icing Sugar" is one of a handful of studio album songs by The Cure that have never been played live.
==Переиздание 2006 года==