Медисин-Хат: различия между версиями

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== Известные жители ==
<!--* [[Roloff Beny]], prolific artist and exhibitor, having gained worldwide recognition as artist, photographer, writer, and author of 10 published works.
* [[Ronnie Burkett]], internationally famed puppeteer, best known for his original theatrical plays performed with marionettes
* [[Terri Clark]], country singer
* [[Murray Craven]], hockey player
* [[Glen Edwards (pilot)|Glen Edwards]], [[test pilot]], namesake of [[Edwards Air Force Base]]
* [[Daniel Federkeil]], football player for the [[Indianapolis Colts]]
* [[Bruno Gerussi]], actor
* [[Clyde Gilmour]], pioneering Canadian broadcaster, host of [[CBC Radio]]'s longest running program [[Gilmour's Albums]], and an officer of the [[Order of Canada]].-->
* [[Даррен Хелм]], профессиональный хоккеист, игрок [[НХЛ]]
<!--* [[Corey Hirsch]], hockey player
* [[Mike Hudema]], social and environmental activist
* [[Gordie Johnson]], lead singer of [[Big Sugar]]
* [[Matt Keetley]], Calgary Flames Hockey Goalie.
* [[Blaine Lacher]], NHL hockey player-->
* [[Тревор Линден]], профессиональный хоккеист, игрок [[НХЛ]]
<!--* [[Susan Nattrass]], an Olympian competitive shooter and an officer of the [[Order of Canada]].
* [http://www.railfame.ca/sec_ind/heroes/en_2006_NowickiJC.asp Jess C. Nowicki], Railroad Hall of Fame Inductee-->
* [[Крис Осгуд]], профессиональный хоккеист, вратарь, игрок [[НХЛ]]
<!--* [[Richard Hortness]], an Olympic swimmer<ref>{{Citation|
title=Richard Hortness: A dream realized|
periodical=[[Medicine Hat News]]|
* [[Kalan Porter]], ''[[Canadian Idol]]''
* Ashley van Ham, Winner of [[Canada's Worst Driver 4]].-->
* [[Ричард Эдвард Тейлор]], лауреат [[Нобелевская премия по физике|Нобелевской премии по физике]] [[1990 год]]а
<!--*[[Arnold Tremere]], [[Executive Director]], Government Official (Canadian International GrainsInstitute)<ref name="obit">{{cite web
| last =
| first =
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| title = Gone but not forgotten - Tremere
| work = Home arrow Obituaries - Medicine Hat arrow TREMERE
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* [http://www.broadcasting-history.ca/index3.php?url=http%3A//www.broadcasting-history.ca/personalities/personalities.php%3Fid%3D425 Tommy Tweed], playwright, actor, and broadcaster; recipient of the [[John Drainie Award]] for "Distinguished Contribution to Canadian broadcasting", and officer of the [[Order of Canada]].-->
== Примечания ==