Гордан, Пауль Альберт: различия между версиями

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Он был известен как "король теории инвариантов".<ref name="itatg">{{citation|page=49|series=Invariant theory and algebraic transformation groups|title=Computational Invariant Theory|publisher=Springer-Verlag|editor1-first=Harm|editor1-last=Derkson|editor2-first=Gregor|editor2-last=Kemper|isbn=3540434763|author=Harm Derksen, Gregor Kemper.|year=2002|oclc=49493513}}.</ref><ref name="m19c">{{citation|page=85|title=Mathematics of the 19th Century: Mathematical Logic, Algebra, Number Theory, Probability Theory|editor1-first=A. N.|editor1-last=Kolmogorov|editor1-link=Andrey Kolmogorov|editor2-first=A. P.|editor2-last=Yushkevich|editor2-link=Adolf Yushkevich|year=2001|publisher=Springer-Verlag|isbn=3764364424|author=edited by A.N. Kolmogorov, A.P. Yushkevich ; translated from the Russian by A. Shenitzer, H. Grant and O.B. Sheinin.|oclc=174767718}}.</ref> Его наиболее известный результат состоит в том, что кольцо инвариантов бинарных форм конечной степени есть конечно порождённым.<ref name="m19c"/> Он и [[Клебш, Рудольф Фридрих Альфред|Альфред Клебш]] дали имя [[Коэффициенты Клебша-Гордана|коэффициентам Клебша-Гордана]]. Гордан также известен как один из научных руководителей [[Нётер, Эмми|Эмми Нётер]].<ref name="mg"/>
A famous quote attributed to Gordan about [[David Hilbert]]'s proof of the [[Hilbert Basis Theorem]], a result which vastly generalized his result on invariants, is "ThisЭто isне not [[mathematics]]математика; thisэто is- [[theology]]теология."<ref name="itatg"/><ref>[[Hermann Weyl]], ''David Hilbert. 1862-1943'', Obituary Notices of Fellows of the Royal Society (1944).</ref> The proof in question was the (non-constructive) existence of a finite basis for invariants. It is not clear if Gordan really said this since the earliest reference to it is 25 years after the events and after his death, and nor is it clear whether the quote was intended as criticism, or praise, or a subtle joke. Gordan himself encouraged Hilbert and used Hilbert's results and methods, and the widespread story that he opposed Hilbert's work on invariant theory is a myth (though he did correctly point out in a referee's report that some of the reasoning in Hilbert's paper was incomplete).
Он родился в Бреслау, Германия (сейчас Вроцлав, Польша), и умер в Эрлангене, Германия.
He was born in Breslau, [[Germany]] (now [[Wrocław]] [[Poland]]), and died in [[Erlangen]], Germany.