Саураштра: различия между версиями

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'''Саураштра''' ({{lang-gu|સૌરાષ્ટ્ર}}, {{lang-hi|सौराष्ट्र}}), также '''Соратх''' — регион в [[Западная Индия|Западной Индии]], в современном индийском штате [[Гуджарат]]. Расположен на юге полуострова [[Катхиявар]] в [[Аравийское море|Аравийском море]]. Северную часть полуострова занимает регион [[Кач]]. Первое упоминание о Саураштре содержится в «[[Перипл Эритрейского моря|Перипле Эритрейского моря]]» ([[I век]]).
Первое упоминание о Саураштре содержится в «[[Перипл Эритрейского моря|Перипле Эритрейского моря]]».
== History ==
Surastrene, or [[Saraostus]] is mentioned in the 1st century CE [[Periplus of the Erythraean Sea]]: {{cquotetxt
|"Beyond the [[Gulf of Kutch|gulf of Baraca]] is that of [[Bharuch|Barygaza]] and the coast of the country of Ariaca, which is the beginning of the Kingdom of [[Nahapana|Nambanus]] and of all India. That part of it lying inland and adjoining Scythia is called [[Abiria]], but the coast is called Syrastrene. It is a fertile country, yielding wheat and rice and sesame oil and clarified butter, cotton and the Indian cloths made therefrom, of the coarser sorts. Very many cattle are pastured there, and the men are of great stature and black in color. The metropolis of this country is [[Minnagara]], from which much cotton cloth is brought down to [[Barygaza]].
|Periplus, Chap. 41
|[http://www.fordham.edu/halsall/ancient/periplus.html Source]
[[Файл:Gujarat Gulfs.jpg|right|thumb|200px|Saurashtra in between [[Gulf of Kutch]] and [[Gulf of Khambat]]. Image [[NASA Earth Observatory]]]]
[[Файл:EpicIndia.jpg|thumb|175px|right|Map of ancient Indian kingdoms.]]
Sorath was the former name of the Muslim-ruled Princely State of [[Junagadh]] («Junagarh» or the «Old City»). During British rule, Junagadh and its neighboring princely states were supervised by the [[Western India States Agency]] (WISA). In 1947, Junagadh’s Muslim ruler desired to accede his territory to Pakistan, but the predominantly Hindu population rebelled, and while he fled to Pakistan, a plebiscite was conducted as a result of which the kingdom was merged into the Indian Union.