Университет Британской Колумбии: различия между версиями

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{{InfoboxКарточка Университетуниверситета Канады|
nameназвание =Университет Британской Колумбии|
Englishоригинал =University of British Columbia|
девиз=Tuum est<br />(''it is yours'')|
основан= [[1908]]|
глава = [[Стивен Туп]]|
город = [[Ванкувер]]||
провинция = [[Британская Колумбия]]|
кампус = Городской, 402 [[гектар|га]]|
студентовстуденты = 35,860 - Ванкувер<br />4,000 - Оканаган|
аспирантоваспиранты = 7,719 - Ванкувер<br />132 - Оканаган|
преподаватели=2 300|
преподавателей=2 300|
'''Университет Британской Колумбии''' ({{lang-en|University of British Columbia}}) — один из самых известных [[университет]]ов [[Канада|Канады]], находится в городе [[Ванкувер]],
[[Изображение:Harvard college - annenberg hall.jpg|thumb|rightleft|200px]]
'''The University of British Columbia''' ('''UBC''') is a [[Canada|Canadian]] [[public university]] with its main campus located at Point Grey in the unincorporated [[Greater Vancouver Electoral Area A, British Columbia|Electoral Area A]], immediately west of [[Vancouver]], [[British Columbia]]. It also has three satellite campuses within the city of Vancouver: a campus at [[Vancouver General Hospital]] for the medical sciences, UBC [[Robson Square]] in downtown Vancouver for part-time credit and non-credit programmes, and a limited series of classes at the Great Northern Way Campus. Another smaller campus, known as UBC Okanagan, is located in [[Kelowna]], British Columbia.
[[Image:Ubccampus.jpg|left|thumb|Aerial View of UBC Campus & Pacific Spirit Park]]
A twenty-minute drive from downtown Vancouver, the Point Grey campus of the university is near several beaches and has views of the [[North Shore Mountains|North Shore mountains]]. The 7.63 km² [[Pacific Spirit Regional Park]] serves as a green-belt between the campus and the city. The campus, along with Pacific Spirit Regional Park, the [[University Endowment Lands]], and the residential community of [[University Hill (UBC)|University Hill]], is not within Vancouver's city limits. It is part of the Greater Vancouver Regional District's Electoral Area A, which is made up of the non-incorporated areas of the [[Lower Mainland]]. As a result, UBC is policed by the [[Royal Canadian Mounted Police|RCMP]] rather than the [[Vancouver Police Department]]. However, the Vancouver Fire Department does service UBC under a contract.
[[Изображение:Harvard college - annenberg hall.jpg|thumb|right|200px]]
[[de:University of British Columbia]]