Гран-при Монако 1987 года: различия между версиями

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'''[[Гран-при Монако]] 1987 года''' — четвертый этап чемпионата Мира по автогонкам в классе [[Формула-1]] сезона 1987 года. Прошёл в [[Монте-Карло]], [[Монако]]. Соревнования состоялись [[31 мая]] [[1987]] года.
== Обзор гонки ==
<!--=== Increase in number of competitors ===
Traditionally the number of competitors permitted for the Grand Prix was lower than at other circuits due to the tight twisty nature of the track.Originally 16,it was increased to 20.This year it was increased to a full Старт of 26.According to [[FISA]] this was to bring it into line with other [[Grands Prix]] but there were cynical views that this was done in order to reduce the number of nonqualifiers to appease the team [[sponsors]].There was widespread concern about the results of overcrowding on the track and the speed different of various cars
=== Christian Danner's disqualification ===
In a practice accident,[[Даннер, Кристиан|Кристиан Даннер]] and [[Альборето, Микеле|Микеле Альборето]] tangled,resulting in a severe accident.[[FISA]] took the decision to disqualify Danner from the weekend-the first such event in the history of the [[Formula 1 World Championship]].There were widespread objections throughout the paddock,particularly as there were several other practice accidents and it was felt that Danner had no more to blame than any other driver involved in these accidents.*
[[Мэнселл, Найджел|Найджел Мэнселл]] led clearly from [[Сенна да Силва, Айртон|Айртон Сенна]] and [[Пике, Нельсон Соуту|Нельсон Пике]].On круг 3 [[Стрейфф, Филипп|Филипп Стрейфф]]-still recovering from the effects of his accident in the [[1987 Гран-при Бельгии]] crashed heavily.Mansell's lead built up until круг 30 when he Сходired with a loss of turbo boost.This gave first place to Senna,who dominated the rest of the race,making a [[pit stop]] without losing the lead and setting Лучший круг on круг 72.
Following the Сходirement of [[Уорик, Дерек|Дерек Уорик]] and [[Чивер, Эдди|Эдди Чивер]] after fine drives with gearbox and engine failure respectively,[[Палмер, Джонатан|Джонатан Палмер]] was promoted to 5th in his [[normally aspirated]] [[Tyrrell]].[[Прост, Ален Мария Паскаль|Ален Прост]] Сходired from 3rd place with an engine failure with just 2 круга to go.
Piquet came home 2nd from [[Альборето, Микеле|Микеле Альборето]] in 3rd and [[Бергер, Герхард|Герхард Бергер]] in 4th.Palmer scored his first WDC points from [[Капелли, Иван|Иван Капелли]] for [[March Engineering| March]].
Senna's victory was notable in that it was the first for a car with [[active suspension]].
== Гонка ==