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{{infobox Dotcom company
| company_nameназвание =
| launch_date = September 2008
|логотип =
| company_name =
| urlURL = {{URL|}}/
| company_type = [[Private company|Private]]
|скриншот =
| company_logo =
|коммерческий =
| founder = Richard Price
|тип = [[Социальная сеть (Интернет)|Социальная сеть]] для ученых
| area_served = Worldwide
|регистрация = бесплатная, необязательная
| location = [[San Francisco]], California
|языки = английский
| net_income =
|расположение =
| num_employees = 11<ref name=About>{{cite web|url= |title=About | |date= |accessdate=2012-10-20}}</ref>
|владелец =
| url = {{URL|}}
| founderавтор = Richard Price
| website_type = Platform for sharing research papers
|дата начала работы = сентябрь 2008
| language = English
|дата окончания работы =
| registration = Free
|текущий статус = Работает и развивается
| alexa = 4101
| current_status = Active
| screenshot =
'''''' - — [[социальная сеть]] для сотрудничества учёных. Открыта в сентябре 2008  г. К 2012  г. число зарегистрированных пользователей достигло 2 миллионов.<ref>{{cite web|last=Cutler|first=Kim-Mai|title=Academia.Edu Overhauls Profiles As The Onus Falls On Researchers To Manage Their Personal Brands|url=|publisher=Techcrunch|accessdate=10/19/2012}}</ref> Сеть может использоваться для того, чтобы делиться с другими своими статьями, отслеживать их цитируемость и следить за новостями исследований и разработок по именам и ключевым словам.
Сеть основал [[:en:Richard Price (entrepreneur)|Richard Price]], who raised $600,000 from [[:en:Spark Ventures]], [[:en:Brent Hoberman]], and others.<ref name="crunchbase1">{{cite web|url= | &#124; CrunchBase Profile | |date= |accessdate=2012-02-22}}</ref>
== Financial history ==
In November 2011, raised $4.5 million from Spark Capital and True Ventures.<ref name="crunchbase1"/> Prior to that, it had raised $2.2 million from Spark Ventures, and a range of [[angel investor]]s including [[Mark Shuttleworth]], [[Thomas Lehrman]], and [[Rupert Pennant-Rea]].<ref name="crunchbase1"/>
== Open science == is a participant in the [[open science]] or [[open access]] movements, responding to a perceived need in science for instant distribution of research and the need for a [[Peer review|peer-review]] system that occurs alongside distribution, instead of occurring before it.<ref>{{cite web|author=Richard Price |url= |title=The Future of Peer Review |publisher=TechCrunch |date=2012-02-05 |accessdate=2012-02-22}}</ref> Accordingly, the company has stated its opposition to the [[Research Works Act]].<ref>{{cite web|author=Richard Price |url= |title=The Dangerous "Research Works Act" |publisher=TechCrunch |date=2012-02-15 |accessdate=2012-02-22}}</ref>
== Reception == has been described as a "«huge deal"» by ''[[The Singularity Hub]]'', because academics "«get quick and easy access to their colleagues' work, and they get quantifiable proof that their own research matters."»<ref>{{cite web|url= | – $4.5M in Funding, 3M Unique Monthly Visitors – Can They Change Science Publication? |publisher=Singularity Hub |date=2011-12-11 |accessdate=2012-02-22}}</ref> ''[[TechCrunch]]'' remarked that gives academics a "«powerful, efficient way to distribute their research"»<ref name="techcrunch1">{{cite web|author=Wednesday, November 30th, 2011 |url= | Raises $4.5 Million To Help Researchers Share Their Scholarly Papers |publisher=TechCrunch |date=2011-11-30 |accessdate=2012-02-22}}</ref> and that it "«will let researchers keep tabs on how many people are reading their articles with specialized analytics tools"», and "«also does very well in Google search results."»<ref name="techcrunch1"/>
== Domain name == is not a university or institution for higher learning and so under current standards would not qualify for the EDU top level domain. The domain name "«"» was registered in 1999, prior to the regulations which required .edu domain names to be held by accredited post-secondary institutions. All .edu domain names registered prior to 2001 were [[.edu#Grandfathered_uses|grandfathered in]] and not made subject to the regulation of being an accredited post-secondary institution.<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=edu Policy Information | |date=2001-10-29 |accessdate=2012-02-22}}</ref>
== Other open access repositories ==
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