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Please do not revert. Instead try and help resolve the major interwiki conflict. fr:Vache does mean "adult female ''Bos primigenius taurus''". en:Dairy cattle means something differenet. Many years ago, interwiki links were inserted in various language versions with large mistakes, but it cannot just be fo ever. We should have to decide what is this item about. It could be linked with such articles as en:Dairy cattle or ru:Молочный скот — or such articles as fr:Vache or ru:Корова. But it will be nonsense to have both (en:Dairy cattle and fr:Vache) in the same item! --[[User:WTM|WTM]] 19:05, 22 мая 2013 (UTC)
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'Cattle' means 'cow', and 'cow' means 'cattle'??? In which language? "Самка домашнего быка" exactly means "домашний бык" and "домашний бык" exactly means "самка домашнего быка", really? --[[User:WTM|WTM]] 19:14, 22 мая 2013 (UTC)