Страж Пустоши (Badlands Guardian): различия между версиями

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The head is a [[Drainage|drainage feature]] created through [[erosion]] of soft, [[clay]]-rich soil by the action of [[wind]] and [[water]].<ref name="Sydney Morning Herald"/><ref name="AIH">[http://www.cbc.ca/asithappens/features/2006/alberta_rock_sculpture_20061026.html CBC Radio]: As It Happens "Alberta's Aztec Rocker?" (Includes taped interview with geology professor Dr. Froese)</ref>
The arid [[badlands]] are typified by infrequent but intense rain-showers, sparse vegetation and soft sediments. The 'head' may have been created during a short period of fast erosion immediately following intense rainfall. Although the image appears to be a [[wikt:convex|convex]] feature, it is actually [[wikt:concave|concave]] — that is, a [[valley]],<ref name="As It Happens">[http://www.cbc.ca/asithappens/features/2006/GIANTHEAD_3d.jpg As It Happens] 3D rendering by CBC Radio{{dead link|date=September 2013}}</ref><ref name="Time Magazine"/> which is formed by [[erosion]] on a [[stratum]] of [[ clay]],<ref name="Time Magazine"/> and is an instance of the [[Hollow-Face illusion]]. Its age is estimated to be the in hundreds of years at a minimum.<ref name=Global>{{cite web|title=The Badlands Guardian|url=http://www.canada.com/globaltv/edmonton/story.html?id=977b4fcb-81ad-4c44-bbfa-baaa800c6dc5|publisher=[[Global TV]]|archivedate=April 5, 2007}}</ref>
In 2006 Medicine Hat's CHAT-TV Reporter Dale Hunter did a short feature on the Badlands Guardian.<ref name="indigenousmapping">[http://web.archive.org/web/20110325072522/http://indigenousmapping.net/the-news/youtube/53-bg2.html Badlands Guardian:] Satellite Imagery from Google Earth Written by Rosemarie McKeon Friday, 08 August 2008 15:38 through Web Archive</ref> It was the winner of the RTNDA National TV short feature award for that year.<ref name="indigenousmapping"/>
The feature was originally discovered by Lynn Hickox while examining images on the ''[[Google Earth]]'' application in November 2006.<ref name="Sydney Morning Herald"/> Suitable names were canvassed by [[CBC Radio One]] program ''[[As It Happens]]''. Out of 50 names submitted, seven were suggested to the Cypress County Council. They altered the suggested 'Guardian of the Badlands' to become ''Badlands Guardian''.<ref name="AIH"/>
The Badlands Guardian was also described by the ''[[Sydney Morning Herald]]'' as a "net sensation".<ref name="Sydney Morning Herald"/> [[PC World (magazine)|''PCWorld'' magazine]] has referred to the formation as a "geological marvel".<ref>[http://www.pcworld.com/article/134186-2/in_pictures_the_strangest_sights_in_google_earth.html PCWorld] In Pictures: The Strangest Sights in Google Earth PC World Staff July 9, 2007 1:00 am</ref> The Guardian was also covered by Canada's [[Global Television]].<ref name=Global/> It is listed as the seventh of the top ten [[Google Earth]] finds by [[Time Magazine]].<ref name="Time Magazine">{{cite magazine|title=Top 10 Google Earth Finds: A Face in the Clay|url=http://content.time.com/time/specials/packages/article/0,28804,1881770_1881787_1881781,00.html|magazine=[[Time Magazine]]|author=Dan Fletcher}}</ref>
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