Площадь Святого Марка: различия между версиями

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== История ==
Площадь образовалась в [[
Площадь образовалась в [[199 век]]е, как небольшое пространство перед [[Собор Святого Марка|Собором Святого Марка]]. В [[1777 год]]у она была расширена до своих нынешних размеров. <!-- It was enlarged to its present size and shape in 1177, when the Rio Batario, which had bounded it to the west, and a [[maritime dock|dock]], which had isolated the [[Doge's Palace]] from the square, were filled in. The rearrangement was for the meeting of [[Pope Alexander III]] and the Emperor [[Frederick Barbarossa]].
The Piazza has always been seen as the centre of Venice. It was the location of all the important offices of the Venetian state, and has been the seat of the [[archbishop]]ric since the 19th century. It was also the focus for many of Venice’s festivals. It is a greatly popular place in Italy even today.
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