Премия Майкла Фарадея: различия между версиями

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| id="52" |1987
|[[Файл:CrystalPeter ClearBrian app kuserMedawar.pngjpg|110px]]
| id="54" | [[Файл:Nobel prize medal.svg|18px|link=Нобелевская премия]] [[Медавар, Питер Брайан|Питер Медавар]]
| id="57" | «for the contribution his books had made in presenting to the public, and to scientists themselves, the intellectual nature and the essential humanity of pursuing science at the highest level and the part it played in our modern culture»
|- id="152"
| id="153" |1997
|[[Файл:Crystal Clear app kuserDavid-Phillips-FRS.pngjpg|110px]]
| id="155" |{{нп5|Филлипс, Дэвид|||David Phillips (chemist)}}
| id="158" | «for his outstanding talents in the communication of scientific principles, methods and applications to young audiences through his many demonstration lectures with wit, clarity and enthusiasm on a wide variety of topics from basic science to modern laser research and for his major role in various collaborative ventures for young people with the Royal Institution, the British Association and CREST, and for his popular science articles and contributions to a variety of radio and television broadcasts, combined with his full professional workload as Head of Chemistry at Imperial College and overseeing a research group»