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Hi. My Russian isn't so well thats why I will write in English. Can you write this article ([[:en:Vache Sharafyan|Vache Sharafyan (english)]] or [[:de:Wache Scharafjan]]) in Russian Wikipedia, please (Ваче Шарафян). --[[У:TonJ|TonJ]] ([[ОУ:TonJ|обс.]]) 19:25, 11 января 2017 (UTC)
* Hi! Unfortunately, this topic is beyond the sphere of my interests. You may try to ask some of the participants of [[Проект:Опера|this project]], although I cannot guarantee the success. — [[У:Adavyd|Adavyd]] ([[ОУ:Adavyd#top|обс]]) 19:38, 11 января 2017 (UTC)
:oh, it's OK. Thank you. --[[У:TonJ|TonJ]] ([[ОУ:TonJ|обс.]]) 20:39, 11 января 2017 (UTC)