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→‎Лауреаты: {{iw|Стюарт, Иэн (математик)|Иэн Стюарт|en|Ian Stewart (mathematician)}}
(→‎Лауреаты: {{iw|Стюарт, Иэн (математик)|Иэн Стюарт|en|Ian Stewart (mathematician)}})
| id="133" |1995
|[[Файл:Ian stewart mathematician.jpg|110px]]
| id="135" |{{нп5iw|Стюарт, ИанИэн (математик)|ИанИэн Стюарт|en|Ian Stewart (mathematician)}}
| id="138" | «for his work in communicating mathematical ideas to the widest possible range of audiences through his many thought-provoking books and magazine articles, his radio and television presentations, and his energetic public lectures in schools and industry on a variety of mathematical and quasi-mathematical topics»
| align="center" id="140" |<ref>{{cite news |title = Don pockets maths fame; 'It's like Ronnie sinking snooker prize'|url = http://www.highbeam.com/doc/1G1-74556333.html|format = Fee required|work = Coventry Evening Telegraph|date = 15 May 2001|accessdate = 17 March 2009}}</ref>