Аль Капоне: различия между версиями

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Capone was first sent to an [[Atlanta]] prison in 1932. However, the mobster was still able to control most of his interests from this facility, and he was ordered to be transferred to the infamous [[California]] island prison of [[Alcatraz]] in August of 1934. Here, Capone was strictly guarded and prohibited from any contact with the outside world. With the repeal of Prohibition and the arrest and confinement of its leader, the Capone empire soon began to wither. Capone entered Alcatraz with his usual confidence. His «friends» who were in fact people who feared him rather than liked him had mostly gone straight with families and kept away from crime. When Al Capone returned these friends tried to stay well clear of him or simply agreed to do as he asked, then not do it. Capone half beat to death one of his «best-friends» due to him defying Capone. A phrase said by Capone at this time was «respect is what makes relationships work». However, when he attempted to bribe guards that would previously accept this act due to his reputation, he would find himself sent to the «hole», or solitary confinement. Eventually Capone’s mental state began to deteriorate. One example of his erratic behavior was that he would make his bed and then undo it, continuing this pattern for hours. Sometimes, Capone did not even want to leave his cell at all, crouching in a corner of his cell and talking to himself in gibberish. He began telling people that he was being haunted by the ghost of James Clark, a victim in the [[St. Valentine's Day Massacre]], paranormal investigators were even sent in to observe him and the surroundings, even they deemed Capone mentally unhealthy. It was apparent over time that Capone no longer posed any threat of resuming his previous gangster-related activities.-->
В июле 1931 года Капоне предстал перед Федеральным судом и был приговорён к одиннадцати годам тюремного заключения в исправительном заведении Атланты за неуплату налогов в размере 388 тысяч долларов. В 1934 году был переведён в тюрьму на острове [[Алькатрас]], откуда вышел через семь лет, со смертельной болезнью - [[сифилис]]ом. Капоне потерял криминальное влияние.
21 января 1947 года у Капоне случился [[инсульт]], после которого он пришёл в сознание и даже пошёл на поправку, но 24 января ему был поставлен диагноз [[пневмония]]. На следующий день Капоне скончался от [[Остановка сердца|остановки сердца]].
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