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::* 1) I have differernet impression from the discussion. Besides in the topic I see his and other editors comments but not your's. 2) I have absolutely different views on Wikidata with the user You have mentioned but he is not a vandal at any case. Please don't make a stigma of "vandal" on users if You just disagree, misunderstand or don't understand their logic of actions. 3) You pinged three times at ones: [[Special:Diff/95450663&oldid=95450609|first]], [[Special:Diff/95450673&oldid=95450663|second]], [[Special:Diff/95450692&oldid=95450673|third]]. Every time when You change time in a signature You make a new ping. 4) I realy glad to read your appreciation of Arachn0. Because I think the same. It's really great job! But before this I have read your messages in the topic before it was only new tasks, questions to other users and complaints to other users. It made a negative impression on me because it's unfair to people who try to help You. I'm very glad to be wrong in the impression. Have a good day! P.S. I have to beg your pardon for my mistakes in English again. --[[У:Ksc~ruwiki|Ksc~ruwiki ]] ([[ОУ:Ksc~ruwiki|обс.]]) 21:04, 6 октября 2018 (UTC)
::::[[У:Ksc~ruwiki]] - Spasibo bolshoi! 1) Look in the history of the page, Jura1 is vandalizing even the talk page, removing comments made via IP. 2) Look what he does, then decide yourself if he is a vandal or not. On the BBLD page he turned the URL formatter into deprecated and Arachn0 then spends a lot of time trying to fix this. And [https://www.wikidata.org/w/index.php?title=Property_talk:P2580&diff=757945210&oldid=757919276 he lies about the BBLD ID property] 3) OK, so 'it' pinged three times. I probably just wanted to change something small, but in ruwiki it forces me to sign again. What option did I have? 4) По-моему, Arachn0 герой. He works a lot. - Прости, мои знания русского языка очень ограничены. Ja otchen ljublju russki jazyk. Ja slushaju kazhdy djen. [[Special:Contributions/|]] 01:51, 7 октября 2018 (UTC)
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