Медаль Комптона

Медаль Карла Тейлора Комптона за лидерство в физике (англ. Karl Taylor Compton Medal for Leadership in Physics) — медаль, вручаемая с 1957 года Американским институтом физики заслуженным физикам, сделавшим исключительный вклад в развитие физики, однако основанием для вручения медали должно быть не сами проведённые исследования, а исключительное участие в государственном регулировании физических исследований. Премия названа в честь Карла Тейлора Комптона. В настоящее время медаль вручается раз в четыре года. Лауреат получает 10 000 долларов США наличными.


Год Фотография
Имя лауреата Обоснование награды
1957   Джордж Пеграм[en] In recognition of his statesmanship in the field of physics.
1960   Карл Дарроу[en] For his dignified mastery of decorum and his warmth of personality which have made him a figure in American physics never to be forgotten by the countless numbers of his colleagues who have had the privilege of knowing him.
1964   Генри Бартон In recognition of his eminent statesmanship in the organization of American physics and his service over a period of twenty-six years as the first Director of the American Institute of Physics.
1967   Алан Уотерман[en] In recognition of his contributions to the science of physics and his leadership in the evolution of policy determining the growth and support of science in the United States.
1970   Фредерик Зейтц For his many accomplishments, his keen perception, strong leadership, and devotion to the cause of science and society as a whole he has, indeed, earned distinction as a statesman of science.
1971   Ральф Сойер[en] For his many accomplishments, his keen perception, strong leadership, and devotion to the cause of science and society as a whole he has, indeed, earned distinction as a statesman of science.
1974   Сэмюэл Гаудсмит For fifty years of creative leadership in physics as a researcher, teacher, author, and editor.
1981   Мельба Филлипс[en] In recognition of her distinguished service to physics
1985 Норман Рамзей In recognition of his manifold contributions to the science of physics and his outstanding example of statesmanship and leadership of major institutions of physics for over four decades.
1992   Виктор Вайскопф In recognition of his leadership throughout the world in advancing science, in promoting peace, and seeking solutions to world problems.
2000   Милдред Дресселгауз In recognition of her outstanding contributions to condensed matter physics, and to the science and engineering community through dedicated and effective service in numerous leadership positions.
2004 Леон Ледерман In recognition of his inspirational leadership in the teaching of physics.
2008 Нил Лейн In recognition of his leadership and service to the physics community and to science; for serving as a model "civic scientist"; for his advocacy of public understanding of science and technology; and for his championship of scientific research and education.
2012   Robert J. Birgeneau[en] For his leadership in improving the situation for women in science in the United States and around the world, his efforts to enhance diversity in science, and for deepening our understanding of magnetism and its interplay with other states of matter.
2016   Хелен Квинн For her leadership in promoting K-12 education and outreach, including the development of standards and approaches to science education that have had an enormous influence at the local, state, national and international levels, and for her broad and deep contributions to the advancement of theoretical particle physics.
2020   Пол Гинспарг For his paradigm-changing contributions to physics information sharing by inventing, developing and managing the arXiv system for electronic distribution of pre-publication (or preprint) papers. This system provides equitable world-wide access to the forefront of physics research activity, both pre- and post-publication in refereed journal, and has since been emulated by a number of other scientific fields.

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