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Что-то нигде в интернете не находится, на данный момент, по крайней мере. Файл представляет собой заметки полицейского Майка Брендона по поводу дела об украденных медальонах Микеланджело, из-за которого он и был убит в начале фильма. В статью вставлять - надо для начала статью причёсывать. Файл отлично читается с экрана, пара мелких уточнений сюжета там есть. Пусть хотя бы тут лежит, чтоб не пропал.

In May 1970 career criminal CARL BECKER (dob: 6/26/24) broke into an exhibition of VATICAN ART TREASURES at Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan and stole TEN PRICELESS GOLD MEDALLIONS hand minted by MICHELANGELO which were on display there.

In the course of this burglary he murdered one Security Guard, wounded another and was himself wounded in the shoulder.

His movements once leaving the museum are not known exactly, but BECKER was seen by at least three witnesses at various spots between the museum and Avenue of the Americas. One witness saw him in the vicinity of the DIAMOND DISTRICT where he evaded two police officers and escaped. NYPD officers conducted a thorough search of that area but found no sign of BECKER.

Approximately four hours after the burglary/homicide BECKER was arrested at the nearby hospital emergency room where he had been taken after losing consciousness of the vicinity of Delancey and Pitt.

He was treated for a severe gunshot wound, but recovered, was tried and convicted of the homicide and attempted homicide and after a jury trial was sentenced to life imprisonment.

During the twenty-one years that BECKER has been in prison, efforts to locate the VATICAN MEDALLIONS have proved unsuccessful. In 1986 at the Arthur Kill Correctional Facility at Staten Island a fellow inmate seriously injured BECKER in a knife attack. BECKER, however, killed this individual, allegedly in self-defense, but he was later convicted of manslaughter.

Becker was subsequently placed in protective custody where he was remained since. He was made few friends since his incarceration, but is believed to be friendly with a young inmate named MATT NEELY.

NEELY has been twice convicted of minor crimes, and is working as CHAPLAIN’S CLERK and the INFIRMARY.

In recent months BECKER’S health has deteriorated to a point where h is not expected to survive to the end of this year.

Confidential sources within the prison system indicate that NEELY has attempted to bring BECKER back to the Church, and BECKER has immersed himself in the rituals of Catholicism.

NYPD associates working in the ORGANIZED CRIME UNIT have recently picked up rumors of an operation codenamed SAMSON. Little is known about this operation, but there is speculation that SAMSON is being directed by a Sicilian Cosa Nostra capo with direct ties to the New York family.

The man who was killed by BECKER in prison was a low level member of this family. It is believed therefore that operation SAMSON has something to do with locating the VATICAN MEDALLIONS.

Independent sources within the organized crime community have heard that a reward of a million dollars cash has been posted for information leading to the location of the MEDALLIONS.

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